Is Adoption Right for Me?

Adoption can be a bittersweet process. For some women, it is an incredibly rewarding journey. For others, it may be quite difficult. Choosing to place your child within another family is a major decision. Perhaps you are unsure about your adoption options or worried that you won’t have contact with the child. At Elevate Women’s Center, we are here to educate you about adoption and provide answers!

There are three types of adoption plans: open adoption, closed adoption, and semi-open adoption.

Open Adoption Plan

In this type of plan, you have contact with the child. You and the child’s family have contact with each other, and together you form a plan regarding your level of involvement in the child’s life. In this situation, you typically have a lot of control and the freedom to determine a relationship on your own terms.

Closed Adoption Plan

With this form of adoption, you have no contact with the child. All adoption records are sealed, and you remain completely anonymous. This is a good choice for women who would like to have privacy following an adoption and do not wish to connect with the adoptive family. The family will not know your identity or whereabouts.

Semi-Open Adoption Plan

With a semi-open adoption plan, you are in contact with the child and adoptive family, but all communication is carried out through a third party such as an adoption agency or attorney.

Are Expenses Covered with Adoption?

If you are considering placing your child for adoption, know that you will never be asked by an adoption agency to pay for expenses. This process will be undertaken at no cost to you. Arkansas adoption laws state that adoptive parents can provide adoption financial assistance for the birth mother. This includes prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, as well as all adoption service fees.

Regardless of which option you choose, you deserve support. We are here for you and would be happy to walk alongside you as you consider which plan would be best for you!

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