It can be challenging to decide whether to tell your boyfriend you want an abortion, especially if your relationship has been difficult. You are not legally required to share this news with your boyfriend, but choosing not to do so will likely significantly impact your relationship. 

Remember, your safety is most important. You need to make the decision that supports your well-being. Surround yourself with proper support and ensure you receive the facts about your pregnancy options, including abortion, adoption, and parenting. 

Prioritize Your Safety

Sharing your pregnancy news if you are in an abusive relationship is likely unsafe. Domestic violence can increase during pregnancy, and sharing further details can worsen your situation. 

If you are in an unsafe environment, you must seek immediate support. Contact the National Domestic Violence by calling 800-799-SAFE. You will be connected to resources and provided the assistance you need. 

Consider forming a safety plan. Bag a suitcase with clothes, toiletries, banking information, and key documents to leave at a loved one’s house. Know the location of your nearest domestic violence shelter and ensure you have family members and friends you can contact. 

Share the News

Share your pregnancy decision with your boyfriend if you feel comfortable doing so. Gain his perspective and listen to what he has to say. Though this is your choice, hearing your boyfriend’s thoughts will show that you are a united front. 

Your boyfriend’s initial reaction may be anger, fear, or shock. This is normal; an unplanned pregnancy is big news. He may or may not support your decision to choose abortion. Give him some time to process everything and listen to his opinions. You may find he wishes to help you parent or find an adoptive family.

Have a Pre-Abortion Screening

Before having an abortion, there are several things you should do to protect your health and safety. You will want to confirm your pregnancy with a medical-grade pregnancy test, receive an obstetric ultrasound to verify you have a viable, intrauterine pregnancy, and undergo STD testing to determine whether you need treatment. 

Elevate Women’s Center offers no-cost pre-abortion screenings. We can also talk about your pregnancy options to ensure you understand the risks and side effects of abortion and the resources available for those who choose parenting or adoption. 

Help When You Need it Most

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Elevate Women’s Center does not refer for or provide abortions.

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