According to Mayo Clinic, women may experience a range of emotions after an abortion, including relief, loss, sadness, or guilt. If feeling bothered by any emotions, they recommend speaking to a counselor.

This highlights that every woman can experience a unique emotional reaction after an abortion. However, some women are more at risk than others of experiencing negative impacts on their mental health. 

The Negative Mental Health Effects

While one woman might feel relief, another woman might experience negative mental health effects. This is what makes abortion and mental health topics controversial.

Below are a few studies that have outlined negative mental health findings with abortion.

Abortion And Mental Health: Study Findings

A New Zealand study conducted in 2006 aimed to find a link between abortion and mental health outcomes. Researchers determined that abortion elevated subsequent rates of mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, suicidal behaviors, and substance use disorders. 

Another study published by Cambridge University Press in 2011 revealed a moderate to highly increased risk of mental health problems after abortion. 

They called into question conclusions from traditional reviews after revealing that women who had abortions experienced an 81% increased risk of mental health problems. Ten percent of mental health incidences could be attributed to abortion.

Who Is At A Higher Risk?

While mental health and abortion continue to be controversial, one study found that experts agree that some women experience negative mental health impacts due to abortion. 

Some factors that can increase the risk include a history of mental health issues, feeling pressured into an abortion, or choosing abortion without sufficient attention to maternal desires or moral beliefs. 

How Would You React?

When considering your options during pregnancy, make sure to pay attention to your feelings and recognize them. How would you react after choosing abortion, adoption, or parenting?

You know yourself best and can make the most prediction.

Offering A Safe Space

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